Metering Data Battery 


Harald is the boss of a German energy service company, mainly providing customers with energy services, heating cost calculations, etc. The client company's business is oriented to the whole of Germany, and it has offices in many places, so its strength is relatively strong. Customers need batteries to put in products they calculate heating costs in a room. The battery needs to have a high capacity and a wide operating temperature range. The customer chose LiSOCL2 Battery,3.6v 19ah ER34615 battery with wires and plug.










Wireless Telemetry Equipment Battery


Michael is the owner of the American Wireless Telemetry Equipment Company. Wireless telemetry equipment can monitor and control on-site operating equipment to realize various functions such as data collection, equipment control, measurement, parameter adjustment, and various signal alarms. Customers need batteries to provide power for wireless telemetry equipment, and require batteries to have the characteristics of stable voltage, high capacity, and long service life. Lithium-ion batteries meet these characteristics. The customer purchased a 3.6V ER34615 57AH battery pack with wires and plug.






Water & NBIoT A Battery



Tommy is a CEO Of Machine comany in South Korea,foucsing on IOT industry. The customer-oriented is to use the IOT system to count the data of the water meter in the area. The Internet of Things water meter solution requires the battery to have a low annual self-discharge rate, high capacity, and wide temperature range, suitable for long-term outdoor work. Lithium-ion batteries meet these characteristics. Customer bought ER26500 1S2P 3.6V 18000mah battery pack.









ESL Button Battery 



William is the owner of a chain supermarket in Indonesia. In order to facilitate the replacement of commodity price information, he adopted electronic shelf labels. Customers need to replace it every 3-5 years, and the quantity is huge. Electronic shelf labels need to use batteries, which have special discharge requirements and high capacity. Lithium-manganese button-type high-capacity batteries meet this feature, and the customer purchased CR2450ESL button battery.